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What We Do

We offer a range of DOT compliance consulting services based on your specific needs. Whether you're just setting up shop and need assistance with DOT registration and records development or are an existing carrier looking to improve your safety program or prepare for an audit, we can help!

Policy & Document Development

Need help developing or tailoring your driver safety or drug/alcohol testing policy? Not sure where to start when it comes to required DOT driver files, hours-of-service records, or maintenance files? Missing or incomplete records can lead to costly fines or shut downs. Let us help you develop your policies and records to ensure they are and remain in compliance with the safety regulations. 

Manager & Driver Training

Federal and state safety regulations require that motor carriers of all types and sizes and their drivers be knowledgeable of all applicable regulatory obligations. Trucksafe provides in-person and virtual training courses tailored to your unique operations and needs. These sessions are perfect for front-line safety managers, dispatchers, and drivers, and cover any number of topics, including driver qualification, hours-of-service, and drug/alcohol testing to name a few. 

Safety Rating Upgrade

A safety rating is a motor carrier's lifeblood and must be protected at all costs. Carriers that receive proposed Unsatisfactory ratings following a DOT audit will be shut down if they do not take swift action to demonstrate sufficient corrective action. Safety ratings also impact insurance premiums and customer relationships. If you have received a downgraded rating, let us help you develop and implement appropriate corrective action and prepare the necessary paperwork to upgrade your rating. 

DOT Audit Prep & Guidance

How would your company fare if the DOT were to conduct an audit today? Do you have the safety-related processes and records in place to survive such an audit and avoid a downgraded safety rating or fine? Be proactive and let us conduct a mock DOT audit using the same methodology as the DOT so you know exactly where you stand. And if you have been selected for an audit, let us help you prepare!

CSA Score Improvement

The DOT uses the CSA program and SMS to prioritize carriers for enforcement action, including safety audits and fines. Carriers with higher scores relative to their peers are more likely to be targeted. Scores are also sometimes used by shippers and brokers to evaluate and select motor carrier partners, and by insurers to set premiums. Let us evaluate your scores and help you develop a program to improve them. 

DataQs Appeals

Did you receive an erroneous violation on a roadside inspection? Was your driver involved in a non-preventable accident? Let us help you file an administrative appeal so that these violations and/or accidents do not negatively impact your CSA scores. 


Looking for even more hands-on assistance?

Through our strategic alliance with compliance software provider Haul, Trucksafe offers carriers a comprehensive suite of white-glove, state-of-the-art DOT managed services designed to take the weight off fleet managers’ shoulders. From seamless driver onboarding and meticulous file retention to proactive maintenance tracking, rigorous background screening, and vigilant CSA score monitoring, Trucksafe Managed Services covers all the bases. 

Case Studies

Case Studies

Examples of how Trucksafe Consulting can help improve your safety program and keep you compliant!

Moving Truck

Carrier A

2-truck property-carrying fleet

Carrier A is a new entrant carrier that is just starting and looking to haul general commodities in interstate commerce. Carrier A has no dedicated safety-related personnel or resources, so it hires Trucksafe to help develop and implement a safety handbook and drug/alcohol testing policy for its drivers. It also purchases all the necessary DOT compliance forms from Trucksafe and engages Trucksafe to help implement those forms to create compliant driver and vehicle files.

Coach Fleet

Carrier B

20-bus passenger carrier

Carrier B has been in business transporting passengers to/from local airports for three years. Carrier B is concerned about a steady increase of its CSA scores and the possibility of a DOT audit. Carrier B engages Trucksafe to analyze its CSA scores, develop a program to improve those scores over time, and conduct a mock DOT audit. The mock audit reveals two critical/acute violations that would have caused a downgraded safety rating in a real audit. Trucksafe helps Carrier B implement corrective actions to address these issues. 

White Minibuses

Carrier C

200-vehicle last mile carrier

Carrier C runs a successful last mile delivery operation, with a fleet of over 200 delivery vans/trucks and drivers. To ensure its drivers remain compliant and up-to-speed on all applicable DOT regulations, Carrier C hires Trucksafe to develop and provide virtual driver training on topics like driver qualification and hours-of-service. Carrier C also enrolls all incoming drivers in Trucksafe's comprehensive online training courses through Trucksafe Academy. 

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