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Who We Are

Trucksafe Consulting is a full-service DOT regulatory compliance consulting and training service. We help carriers develop, implement, and improve their safety programs, through personalized service and industry-leading training resources.


For over a decade, I worked as an attorney and partner in the DOT Safety and Compliance practice group at the largest transportation law firm in the country. I represented transportation providers of all types and sizes--from one-truck landscaping businesses to publicly-traded motor carriers and motor coach operators. I advised clients on regulatory obligations and DOT safety best practices. I guided them through compliance reviews and safety audits, and represented them in DOT administrative and court appeals on some of the most complex legal issues facing the transportation industry. I've helped carriers avoid conditional and unsatisfactory safety ratings and out-of-service orders, and save thousands in DOT civil penalties. 

The consulting side of my law practice was always the most appealing to me. Helping carriers navigate the federal and state safety regulations and communicating them in a way that makes intuitive sense is a strong suit and what drove me to start Trucksafe Consulting, LLC and Trucksafe Academy. 


I've always appreciated the important role that safety consultants play in this industry, and I recommended their services to a fair number of clients over the years. What I observed is consultants come in essentially two varieties: individual boots-on-the-ground safety consultants and large, faceless consulting corporations. Both groups have their strengths and weaknesses: the former are great at providing services specifically tailored to each individual customer's circumstances and the latter provide robust, albeit generalized, resources like DOT compliance documents. 

My mission is to bridge that gap and provide personalized DOT safety consulting services to those that need it while also offering a library of on-demand educational/training videos and fully-customizable DOT documents covering a wide range of topics. My goal is to demystify DOT compliance and make it attainable for carriers of all sizes and budgets, which, in turn, should make public roadways safer for all of us.


I'd love the opportunity to speak with you about your operations and how I might be of service to you! In the meantime, be sure to check out all of our great online resources. I look forward to working with you!

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Brandon Wiseman, President

Trucksafe Consulting, LLC

Our Team

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Brandon Wiseman


Brandon is a transportation attorney, safety consultant, and the founder of Trucksafe Consulting. Over the years, he has had the privilege of representing some the nation's leading motor carriers and transportation providers on matters relating to USDOT safety and compliance. 

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Jerad Childress

Vice President

Jerad is a transportation attorney and Managing Partner of Childress Law, PLLC. Jerad is also a safety consultant with Trucksafe Consulting and regularly assists motor carriers with ensuring their safety programs are compliant with the multitude of requirements that apply to commercial transportation.

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Rob Carpenter

VP & Director of Managed Services

Rob is an experienced regulatory compliance, DOT, safety, security, OSHA, Fire and Life Compliance Executive with decades of experience in safety management within the motor carrier industry. Rob has been a commercial driver, a safety director at a large passenger carrier, and has even owned his own trucking & brokerage companies.

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