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Managing compliance can be hard. Let us help!

There's alot that goes into DOT regulatory compliance! Trucksafe® assists fleets of all types and sizes with the day-to-day tasks that make up a compliance program. We can help you qualify and onboard drivers, send them in for required drug/alcohol tests, ensure they are medically certified, electronically store and track compliance records and files, manage commercial vehicle files, monitor drivers’ hours-of-service, and keep tabs on your CSA scores, just to name a few!


How we do it

Whether you’re looking to build out your compliance program from the ground up or to bolster existing processes and procedures, our team of experienced safety professionals can help! We’ll first work with you to understand your particular needs and then tailor a solution that meets them. We’ll help you build efficient workflows and take over many of the mundane and time-consuming compliance tasks that eat up your day. We’ll let you know when critical documents are expiring and when specific compliance issues require your attention. In short, we’ll work hard to make your life easier!

Your one-stop DOT shop!

DQ file management

We take the complexity out of the driver qualification process by digitizing and managing your files for you. We help you more efficiently onboard drivers by handling all regulatory aspects of initial driver setup, including a digital application process, running required background checks, obtaining all required records, and much more! We track key expiration dates for licenses, med cards, etc., and ensure your files are always up-to-date. All drivers files are securely stored and available to you in the cloud. 

Drug & alcohol testing & BG checks

Managing required background checks and drug/alcohol testing is tedious and time consuming. We simplify the process by ordering the required checks and tests for you and electronically documenting results. Records are stored securely and access limited to those who need to know! 

CSA score monitoring

Poor safety metrics like out-of-service rates and CSA scores can break your business and increase your exposure. We help fleets improve their metrics by keeping tabs on them and making practical recommendations for improving them. Rest easy knowing we're watching your safety data and alerting you to potential problem areas before they can balloon into significant problems!

Maintenance & accident tracking

Keeping your commercial vehicles properly maintained is a major part of your regulatory obligations. Failing to do so can lead to serious accidents and additional exposure. We help by storing and tracking critical maintenance documents like annual DOT inspections for your entire fleet. We also keep track of all your DOT-recordable accidents on a compliant accident register. 

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Strategic Partnerships

Regardless of your fleet size, managing DOT compliance necessitates strong, foundational processes and procedures. Without them, things very easily crumble. That's why Trucksafe partners with leading third-party service providers like Haul and HireRight to help manage our customers’ programs. Through our relationship with Haul, our customers have access to state-of-art driver and fleet compliance software, which we leverage to efficiently onboard drivers and keep DOT files up-to-date. All your driver and fleet data is available to you at the click of a button! 

Ready to learn more?

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