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Trucksafe is proud to partner with Nirvana to offer its customers industry-leading DOT compliance training content and managed DOT compliance services at discounted rates. Nirvana customers are eligible for a 15% discount. 

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Trucksafe Academy offers industry-leading DOT compliance training for fleet safety professionals, including safety directors, managers, dispatchers, and drivers. Developed and presented by industry attorneys and experts and delivered via a web- and mobile-friendly app, Trucksafe’s learning content helps fleets of all types and sizes break down and better understand their regulatory obligations in key areas like DOT registration, driver qualification, hours of service, and more.

Whether you’re looking to build out your compliance program from the ground up or to bolster existing processes and procedures, Trucksafe’s team of experienced safety professionals can help! Trucksafe helps shoulder the burdens of DOT compliance by helping fleets digitally store and manage key compliance records like driver qualification and vehicle maintenance files.  

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