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Motor carriers who engage drivers (whether employees or independent contractors) to operate vehicles that require a commercial drivers' license (CDL) are required to implement a drug and alcohol testing program and policy. The federal motor carrier safety regulations dictate the specific content of those policies, and require carriers to provide a copy to all drivers subject to the carrier's program and obtain a signed receipt from each driver. This fully-customizable policy is tailored to include all of the sections and information that is required by the regulations. 


Included Sections:

  • Philosophy
  • Definitions
  • Policy Scope
  • Drug & Alcohol Prohibitions
  • Required Tests
    • Pre-qualification
    • Random
    • Post-Accident
    • Reasonable Suspicion
    • Return-to-Duty
  • Testing Procedures & Confidentiality
  • Consequences
  • Reports
  • Effects of Drug & Alcohol Use
  • Driver Acknowledgement 


Pertinent Regulation(s): 49 C.F.R. 382.601

Drug & Alcohol Policy for CDL Drivers

  • Document is provided in the .docx format. Use of the document is governed by our Terms & Conditions, including the prohibition on unauthorized reproduction and distribution. 

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