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All CMV drivers are required to complete a driver application, and a copy of the completed application must appear in their driver qualification files. Our application form contains all of the required data points and comes in a fully-customizable Microsoft Word format, so that you can add your company's name/logo and any additional information fields that you deem necessary. The document can be used electronically or printed hard-copy.



  • Applicant information (e.g., name, phone, address, DOB, SSN)
  • License information
  • Driving experience
  • Accident history
  • Traffic convictions
  • Employment history
  • Education
  • Other qualifications


Pertinent Regulation(s): 49 C.F.R. 391.21

Driver Application

  • Document is provided in the .docx format. Use of the document is governed by our Terms & Conditions, including the prohibition on unauthorized reproduction and distribution. 

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