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Ep. 23 - The top telematics considerations

When:  June 1  |  3 pm ET

In this episode, we’re joined by Rob Carpenter of Carpenter Compliance, LLC to discuss the current state of fleet telematics solutions and what factors and functionality motor carriers should be taking into consideration when evaluating their options. We’ll address common use cases, functionality, reporting, risks, and much more! 

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Trucksafe LIVE! is a production of Trucksafe Consulting, LLC -- a full-service DOT safety consulting company and training provider. Join transportation attorneys and hosts Brandon Wiseman and Jerad Childress (and special guests) in an off-the-cuff and engaging discussion of the latest highway safety news and regulatory developments affecting motor carriers and their drivers, including, for example, hours-of-service, driver qualification, nuclear verdicts, DOT enforcement, and much more. Join the conversation yourself with questions or comments submitted through live chat!  

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