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Hazardous Materials Training


An in-depth course for hazmat employees designed to assist motor carriers, shippers, brokers, and others involved in the highway transportation of hazardous materials meet their regulatory requirement to provide all hazmat employees training at least every 3 years. This course covers general awareness, hazmat safety, and hazmat security, and delves into topics like hazard classes, the hazmat table, shipping papers, marking, labeling, placarding, packaging, exceptions, and more!  


*NOTE: Certain parts of the required hazmat training (e.g., function-specific) are not suitable for online training. You should review the requirements in 49 CFR 172.704 to assess whether you will need to supplement this training with instruction specific to your circumstances. 

What's Included?

14 in-depth video lessons covering key hazmat topics

Instruction from hazmat expert and former FMCSA hazmat specialist

Interactive quiz to test your knowledge and a personalized completion certificate

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Course Curriculum

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Course Instructor

Art Fleener retired from the U.S. Department of Transportation as a Hazardous Materials Program Manager in 2019. He has been involved in all aspects of the department’s hazardous materials program, leading teams in large and very complicated HM investigations. Art has developed and taught HM classes to thousands of industry and law enforcement students across North and South America. He was a member of the hazardous materials adjunct teaching staff for the USDOT’s Transportation Safety Institute and National Training Center for many years. Art has written and interpreted regulations, and provided presentations to many state and national associations and organizations. He has extensive knowledge in all aspects of highway USDOT hazardous materials transportation and related issues including cargo tanks, explosives, hazardous waste and substances.

Hazardous Materials Training

Helping you stay compliant!

Federal regulations require those involved in the highway transportation of hazardous materials, including those preparing shipping papers, packages, etc., to receive hazmat training covering topics like general awareness, hazmat safety, and hazmat security at least every three years. Our innovative online course helps employers satisfy this requirement. Simply enroll your hazmat employees in our course and they will be trained, tested, and issued a compliant training certificate for you to include in their file. 

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