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In trucking, safety and efficiency are the two most critical aspects of a well-run organization. DriverReach understands how it feels to have empty trucks sitting. It knows the pain that driver turnover causes fleets. It recognizes how disheartening it is when carriers feel like they're constantly working from behind—even though they have a better vision for their organization and employees.

DriverReach knew there had to be a better way—not only to attract new drivers, but to empower recruiters with modern technology to simplify their jobs and create a better experience for everyone involved in the process—from the driver applicant to the recruiter to the executive team.

DriverReach is dedicated to raising the driver recruiting standard through our purpose-built platform supported by our team of experts with over 60 combined years of industry experience.

Trucksafe is proud to partner with DriverReach to offer their customers cutting-edge safety and compliance training and consulting services. 

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