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Could your DOT safety program use some help?

Trucksafe Consulting, LLC is a full-service transportation safety consulting company, offering both one-on-one consulting services and a library of on-demand training resources and compliance documents. Let us help you build and manage a robust safety program!

About the Authors

Trucksafe's President Brandon Wiseman and Vice President Jerad Childress are transportation attorneys who have represented and advised hundreds of motor carriers (both large and small) on DOT regulatory compliance. Brandon and Jerad are regular speakers at industry events and routinely contribute to industry publications. They are devoted to helping carriers develop state-of-the-art safety programs, through personalized consulting services and relevant training resources. 


Ditch the Books! 

eRegs is the first app-based digitial version of the FMCSRs, helping fleets and their drivers better access and understand their regulatory obligations. 

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Trucksafe offers insight on fleet safety culture

Trucksafe Consulting’s Brandon Wiseman recently participated as a panelist on Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine’s new webinar series titled “Safety First.” Wiseman, along with co-panelists Doug Marcello of Bluewire LLC and Chris Woody of M&W Logistics, spoke on the topic of “Building a Safety Culture.”

With a significant uptick in “nuclear verdicts” against motor carriers over the past decade and skyrocketing insurance premiums, fleet safety programs are under the microscope more than ever. According to Wiseman, “carriers should be taking a hard look at their programs and ensuring they are built on a strong foundation of safety-first mentality.” That foundation, Wiseman says, is what regulators expect to see when they conduct audits, and “any cracks in that foundation will inevitably be exploited in highway accident litigation.”

During the webinar, Wiseman offered his thoughts on how carriers should develop and foster a safety culture, including through robust policies, procedures, training, self-audits, and corrective action. For a summary of the webinar or to watch a replay, check out this link. And to discuss how Trucksafe can assist you with your own safety program, please feel free to contact us.



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